The new TIM POWER 1

New 2020 edition of the TIM POWER 1 sector ramp

Love at first sight guaranteed!

Absolue Créations once again takes up the challenge of doing even better than the previous times and this with an unbeatable and unprecedented quality / price ratio. The TIM-POWER 1 sector ramp new 2020 edition, is the very first flagship of the brand’s renewal.

What changes …

Everything is reviewed there:

  • New topology
  • New connectors
  • Noise reduction
  • Treatment of electromagnetic interference
  • ARS technology

The power cable ( AMBROISE power cable ) and the new Schuko FURUTECH sockets are directly mounted to the three pure copper bars plated with 24 carat gold. Proprietary ARS technology integrated into the boom TIM-POWER sector 1 allows to isolate and avoid degradation by current return.


“The sound universe defined by Absolue Créations is unfolding with persuasion thanks to the contribution of this new power strip. The Norman manufacturer places at the top of its list of priorities the ability of the hi-fi system to modulate the message with fluidity. With its new TIM-POWER 1, it’s done. He has never made a secret of his relative interest in yielding to demonstrative effects. On the contrary, it focuses on the fact that the system can operate with minimal background noise in order to preserve the purity of the message. ”

VUMETRE September – October 2020

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