Absolue Créations is a French artisanal company manufacturing high-end cables.

All our cables are made by hand, in our workshop in the Rouen region, in France (design, braiding and assembly).

The cable, a not so passive element!

Each element making up a hi-fi system has a specific active role: read, convert, amplify or even, through the current transmitted to the speaker coil, transform an electrical signal into music. Every element, yes, except the cable …

The cable is a passive electrotechnical component used to transport electrical signals in order to transmit energy and information.

The cable is made of conductive materials surrounded by an insulating jacket. The cable is only supposed to carry the electrons as best as possible, to transmit the currents in time and in amplitude. He’s not supposed to behave actively, he’s supposed to behave like a “straight line” as we used to say. In short ! Not to exist. The difference is that, in practice, there are distortions, crosstalk and other problems. The sound message loses in definition and at the end of the race arrives weakened, shifted or distorted. A cable thereby, has only flaws. Our expertise at Absolue Créations consists in reducing and eliminating these defects..

It is with the obstinate desire to fight against these losses that we have developed 6 series of high-end, high-definition audiophile cables. Our research, development, experience and requirements are geared towards dealing with speed of transmission. A fast cable respects the tiniest nuances and promotes greater readability, a more varied amplitude of the melodic lines, the subtleties of colors and rhythms.

In short, our cables have been designed to transmit a lively, natural and embodied musical reproduction.

“The signal from the electronics is often of good quality, just like the speakers you have selected. Different sound signatures characterize them and everyone then searches for the musical universe that they appreciate and that suits them. This musical universe, we invite you to rediscover it, to enhance it, to sublimate it. Our high-end cables are handcrafted in our workshops in Normandy ”.


Six families of audiophile products:

  • Analog modulation cables,
  • Digital modulation cables,
  • Speaker cables,
  • Mains cables,
  • Digital cables,
  • Sector bars.

Each family of products is organized into series. The strength of the range is the overall consistency. Whether you listen to the entry-level or the very high-end, the cables and bars have the same signature but with much more detail, openness, density … The cables and bars of the range are very homogeneous, very transparent, never aggressive and offer an excellent relationship between emotions and definitions.

Several professional productions (sound recording, recording, concert, studio) complete this range, the hierarchy of which is both perceptible and consistent.

Six series of audiophile products:

  • ES-TIM Series
  • OP-TIM Series
  • IN-TIM Series
  • UL-TIM Series
  • TIM-REF Series
  • Sectors

A series consists of:

  • 1 Analog modulation cable,
  • 1 digital modulation cable,
  • 1 speaker cable,

The mains cables are hierarchized as follows:

  • Amboise,
  • Chambord,
  • Chenonceaux,
  • Fontainebleau,
  • Versailles

The digital cables consist of:

  • USB cable
  • RJ 45 cable

The sector bars are hierarchized as follows:


Proprietary design and technologies:


The design of the cables is the result of several years of research which meets both technical and aesthetic criteria.

Proprietary technologies

Our cables, depending on their series, incorporate the following proprietary technologies:

  • CDF, (single or double)
  • AFCEM (single, double or triple)
  • RFA (single or double)
  • Mechanical damping
  • Energy stabilizer

The coppers and insulators used, the lengths, the connectors and all our developments promote neutrality, speed of transmission and respect for propagation times. The braiding method, the ventilated sheath, the insulations, all participate in eradicating crosstalk, distortions, shrillness, softness.


  • AFDEM – (Anti Force Against Electromotive): Allows to absorb the return currents emitted by the loudspeakers during the natural return to their base point.
  • RFA – (Damping Factor Regulator): Allows to damp the return energies which release constraints at the amplifier level.
  • CDF – (Flux Concentrator): Allows to control losses in the cable and accelerates the signal transmission between point A and B.

Tailor-made service

Because each system is unique and unique, we meet all your expectations in terms of advice and choice of cables. Several lengths are already available as standard. More adjusted lengths are achievable after study.

We also support you in your projects until achieving the exception, your absolute creations.

Thus, we offer professionals who want to go further in their high definition experiences, to wire and / or re-wire other links of their system, from the dedicated line to the internal wiring of the speakers …

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All cables are guaranteed for 5 years parts and labor.

All our cables are tested and pre-run in order to allow optimal and lasting use.