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Absolue Créations USB-TIM cable: ultimate neutrality

Absolue Créations has acquired a well-deserved reputation. The impressive choice of resellers and users alike in a fairly quick period of time is quite understandable and the success will only grow over time because the USB-TIM (accompanied by all its little family) makes or rather restores the music in what it has most dear: of humanity.

High Fidelity Hifi

“You would have to be crazy to spend more”

High Fidelity Hifi IN-TIM test

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Hifi-Stars IN-TIM test

Hifi-Stars IN-TIM test

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Prestige stereo

IN-TIM line

Harmonic richness, linearity, resolving power: In-Tims are tough competitors who guarantee a balanced system the ability to deliver its full potential, without inducing imbalance or exaggeration. With this high quality line, Absolue Créations intends to enhance the musicality of your installation without adding anything, only by letting it express itself in the best conditions.

High Fidelity Hifi

TIM Series Reference

What emerges is what we include under the term musicality, but here a more obvious, more spontaneous musicality where one is not frustrated by the lack, nor annoyed by an exaggeration.

High Fidelity Hifi

The success of ES-TIM

The image is not only sharp, but precise, with perfectly focused sources. We appreciate the absence of coloring of the Es-Tim, and their playful and enthusiastic personality.