New 2021 edition of the TIM-POWER 2

With Absolue Créations, it’s Christmas every day!

The high-end of the Power series invites itself to the heart of your emotions for the holiday season.

As for the TIM-POWER 1, everything is reviewed:

  • New topology
  • New connectors
  • Noise reduction
  • Treatment of electromagnetic interference
  • ARS technology
  • 24k Gold Plated Pure Copper Bars Insulated with Silk and Silicone
  • Ground decoupling system.

The connection cable to the home network has the same strands as the CHENONCEAU mains cable with all the technologies of the FONTAINEBLEAU mains cable . The new FI-E38 (G) FURUTECH schuko sockets are directly mounted to the three 24k gold plated pure copper bars insulated with silk and silicone. The proprietary ARS technology integrated into the TIM-POWER 2 mains rail makes it possible to isolate and prevent degradation by current return. The purpose of the ground decoupling system is to raise the bar in order to avoid certain static electricity phenomena.


“Unlike many competing products, we won’t say it adds anything, but rather prevents the loss of crucial elements that make sound reproduction so meaningful. Thus the image appears completely comprehensive, not only well formed, but with realistic dimensions that unfold in the room without overdoing it. The dynamics are very natural; is expressed without settling or limitation, but without exaggeration either. Discs recorded without compression pass with a lot of energy, and an innate sense of rhythm. the music acquires an obvious, natural dimension. The TIM-POWER-2 does not in any way try to wow you, on the other hand, it reveals with great frankness the true nature of your recordings. “

VUMETRE # 37 September – October 2021

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