Ultra high fidelity power cables

Our audiophile power cables are intended to promote the rapid transmission of substantial, constant and homogeneous electrical energy while rejecting impurities and other electromagnetic pollution carried by the household mains current.

Liabilities, ultra high fidelity our audiophile power cables benefiting from proprietary technologies act as a mains filter or a conditioner. Residual power supply noises are naturally lowered and the audible threshold becomes more palpable.

Musically, our audiophile power cables provide a more defined soundstage, with more stance, precision, energy, presence and articulation in establishing notes and facilitate melodic follow-up.

Our range of audiophile power cables is intended for everyone and for all applications. In the video domain, they provide more sustained and nuanced color definition, a deeper black that generates a lively and fluid image.

Used by “Gamers” as a power supply on game consoles, they benefit from more speed, from a rebalancing of sounds and the speed of execution is increased tenfold.

Whether within a system ultra high fidelity , or in the video field, our high-end mains cables are essential allies for high-color reproduction.

Discover the ranges:

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