Tim-power-1 golden diapason 1

TIM-POWER 1 awarded in unison!

The sound universe proposed by Absolue Cables is made of coherence, tonal accuracy and linearity. All this is magnified by an extraordinary reduction of the background noise which allows the establishment of grandiose silences, accompanied by a capacity of resolution which will be deployed within the range up to levels unsuspected on a Versailles, with finally a dynamic capacity of an incomparable accuracy (neither muffled, nor overplayed). It is probably the least intrusive brand of cable on the market. It is noticeable by the absence of its own sound: it is the one that is most effaced before the music. Hence this evidence of the “musical moment” thanks to an extreme global coherence. The ability of Absolue Cables’ power cables to provide a stable and clean power supply, combined with their “non-intrusive” aspect, makes them particularly suitable for the general power supply of your power line, as these qualities will give you complete freedom to choose your sound signature between your strip (or conditioner) and your devices. And here, the 2 strips with prisoner cable Tim Power 1 & Tim Power 2 are the best…

Golden Diapason awarded to the TIM-POWER 1

The Tim Power 1 strip, just like the various sector lines offered by Absolue Cables, has all the sound characteristics of the brand:
Evidence, coherence, tonal accuracy, quality of the silences, absence of own signature, linearity, released dynamics, sound image in 3 dimensions with an unshakeable stability, etc. These are the characteristics that make Absolue Cables’ strips particularly attractive: their “non-intrusive” sound signature will allow you to play freely on the choice of the mains cables that you will then use from the strip to the devices themselves. If the system is homogeneous and coherent, it is in your interest to continue with Absolute Cables power cables. If the system has obvious defects, then we will use power cables with appropriate characteristics (for example, a model that will lower the treble and increase the bass, etc.) Then, the Tim Power 1 will increase the performance of all the connected links! The technologies used by Absolute Cables will allow the Tim Power 1 to provide your electronics with a stable and purified sector.
They will then be able to fully perform their primary function, which is to create a modulated electric current from the mains available in your home.
From then on, the quality of the sound reproduction will progress in very important proportions. As well as a TV set connected to a Tim Power 1: the gain in image quality is comparable to the one observed between a DVD and a Blue Ray. Finally, the Tim Power 1 is completely scalable: At first, it can be used with basic schuko cables provided with the electronics: there will already be a spectacular increase in performance. Then the quality of the power cables from the strip to the electronics can be gradually increased. And here, considering the fact that Tim Power does not restrict anything and responds freely to any request in
The Tim Power 1 is the cornerstone of any system that aims to achieve a very high level of sound reproduction while benefiting from an excellent quality-price ratio.

Diapason d’Or of May 2022 published in the N° 711, page 117, of the magazine Diapason

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