An extraordinary musical experience
Our second cable line, the OP-TIM series, takes performance a step further.

Being able to be considered as a “turbo” version of our ES-TIM series, this line has been designed to win a double bet: To push further the potential of ES-TIM while maintaining a very favorable value for money. If we stick to the reactions of our customers, we are delighted to see that this challenge has been met!

To do this, all cables in the series have received special treatment. The speaker cables of the OP-TIM line benefit from the first technological level by integrating a flow concentrator for digital and modulation cables. The OP-TIM line also integrates AFCEM Technology for the realization of speaker cables . The insulation is entrusted to cotton + silicone sheathing which minimizes mechanical stresses. And we made our choice on a high quality Rhodium connector for the RCA and speaker plugs.

When listening, this results in an increase in all the sounds of the bandwidth, a more marked hold and fluidity with each note and a still improved operating silence. The firmness of the bass and the speed of establishment of harmonics opens up diversified musical horizons in accordance with the his .

The OP-TIM Series is designed to introduce you to a new hearing experience and enjoy long hours of listening.

A complete line:

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