The Tim-Revolution line awarded a VuMétre Essential

Tim 040 VUmetre

The Tim-Revolution Line has just been awarded a July/August 2022 VuMètre Essential:

Discover the extracts in the attached PDF, knowing that Laurent Thorin’s conclusions are as follows:

“When we moved from our Ul-Tim series to the new Tim-Revolution generation, we took a major step forward in understanding sound fluidity.

We did several comparative “old/new” listens and we understood that going back would no longer be possible.” – Laurent THORIN

New Tim-Revolution line:

The Ultra High End finally accessible!
The hearing performance of the Tim-Revolution has earned a VU Essential
Excerpts from the test bench published in the July-August 2022 issue of VuMètre magazine:

“At the time of writing, the catalog will have been completely redesigned, with new lines of
products, except for the Es-Tim and Op-Tim series.
Within this new offer, we have selected one of the most accessible, the Tim-Revolution. On the
In terms of price, it is about the same level as the former In-Tim range. But, according to its designer,
In terms of performance, it competes with the Ul-Tim line.
So this is good news for the consumer who will spend less to get more…”
… ” With each new generation, with each superior series, we recognize the Absolute “dynamics” in its own way
to disconnect from the electronic and/or mechanical side of sound reproduction to reconstitute a
sound experience above all human and sensory.
This is the main sound characteristic of this brand: to free oneself from the material to better enjoy
the immaterial! Forget the technical to appreciate the artistic.”
… “With the Tim-Revolution, what is most striking is the freedom of sound in the room. The 3D effect is
really successful.
The structure of the sound scene can be fully understood on each recording. It changes at
every time. It can be incredibly intimate or totally unbridled. One could almost detect the
place of the microphones.
The notion of depth of field is fully appreciated in this case. On well-made sound recordings, the
number of layers and strata is clearly perceptible. The relief is palpable. This feeling is
wonderful. It allows the system to build a real panorama, different for each disk. This
opens new horizons.
Concerning the tonal balance, we remain on a deliberately neutral vision of the sound reproduction.
No register is underlined. Everything is perfectly in place. (…) The Stamps of the Tim-Revolution are
natural, and that’s absolutely what we’re looking for.”
… ” When we moved from our Ul-Tim series to the new Tim-Revolution generation, we
have taken a decisive step in the apprehension of sound fluidity.
We have done several comparative listening “old / new” and we understood that the
There would be no turning back.
Indeed, with the new generation of cables, we are approaching a listening experience where all the wired connections are not
It’s as if the cables have disappeared. It’s as if the wires have disappeared.


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